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Letter to the Editor: Reader wonders why U.S. economy is in such distress

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Feb. 17, 2011 - I am constantly confused by the information coming from the leaders of our country. Whether it be local, state or federal, we get the same information - our financial situation is critically in trouble. We are always in debt, and working with a deficit balance in our pockets. Local governments are millions in debt, state governments are billions in debt, and the federal government is trillions in debt, and yet they keep spending and spending.

It seems that their only answer is to increase taxes and cut help to those who need help the most. I am a firm believer in taxation to finance our government needs, but our government spending has gone way beyond NEEDS. Greed in the market place is only exceeded by the greed of our government, and lack of real concern for its citizens.

They are proposing a ten percent cut to Medicaid providers, which would put a heavy burden on nursing homes, community care and human lives. Cuts would put nursing home residents at risk by reducing staff and degrading quality of care. People are paid more to flip hamburgers than we pay those who care for our elderly. Does this say something about how we value those we love. What is next for our senior citizens; euthanasia for those over 70? We hear all kinds of complaints of prejudice; what about prejudice against senior citizens?

Washington needs to look at the way they handle OUR money. Look at the housing industry as an example, and the banking industry that goes along with them. Our government bailed out many of them with our tax dollars, and now they have gone right back to scamming the public again. Why does our government allow this to happen; because of the money funneled into the pocket of our elected officials. I realize that all those who represent us are not crooked, but look at what has and is happening in our government and make your own decision.

The fault in this is the American public, for allowing this corruption to continue. It is time to wake up and make ourselves heard, and not just sit back and be passive in our attitude.

We are seeing millions of jobs being shipped to other countries while we have nineteen million people out of work. We see oil prices going up again, while the oil companies have posted over two billion dollars a quarter profit last year. Our President, in his State of the Union Address had a lot of things to say. I agree with most of his INTENTIONS. The problem will be lack of cooperation in the House and Senate. Our elected officials argue whether the Democrat or Republican party is right. They cannot get a decent piece of legislation passed without adding all sorts of perks for their private agenda.

Even our President had to "CUT A DEAL" recently in order to get a bill passed. He said he would veto any bill that came to his desk with these perks for personal gain added.

Folks, do not hold your breath until this happens. Soon it will be "BUSINESS AS USUAL" again, if we, the concerned citizens, do not make ourselves heard loud and clear about our dissatisfaction.

I recently read a quote from Martin Luther, the sixteenth century church leader, where a man asked Luther what he should do now that he was a Christian? Luther asked the man what kind of work he did. The man said he was a cobbler. Luther told him to go and build a good product and sell it for a fair price. I think that is good advice for all of us to heed. Jesus said to love our neighbors as ourselves. We should be fair in all of our every day situations. City and county officials, BE FAIR, state officials, BE FAIR, federal officials, BE FAIR. Our people need to get back to doing unto others as we would have them do unto us.


Tom Hackney

Leonard, TX

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